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Guangzhou Pearl River Square Bei'en Kindergarten
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Guangzhou Pearl River Square Bei'en Kindergarten

The Pearl River Square Bei'en Kindergarten is located in the Pearl River Square area on Binjiang East Road. The kindergarten occupies a land area of 2500 square meters and has 3 full-time boarding classes and 4 daytime classes, providing nursery and education for infants aged from 2 ?C 6 years old.


Guangzhou Pearl River Square Bei'en Kindergarten has the tenet to “Attach equal importance to nursing and teaching, Teach students according to their aptitudes, Develop children's comprehensive intelligence, and Promote children growth”. The Kindergarten implements advanced educational concepts, educational ideas and educational methods to provide a multi-faceted quality education for each child.


Our Kindergarten's general goal is to cultivate healthy, confident, lively, polite and optimistic modern infants. In such an interesting, heuristic, and open teaching environment, the teachers help children exert their potential and develop their potential according to their unique characteristics and needs, thus to lay a good foundation for children's growth.


Our Kindergarten adopts a bilingual teaching form based on the children's mother tongue and featuring the English language. The kindergarten has invited experienced foreign teachers to foster the ability of the infants to learn English through a comfortable and vivid teaching so that they can grasp correct English learning methods from childhood and lay a solid English language foundation. In addition, the kindergarten has also established featured courses of chess, operation of abacus and mental arithmetic, as well as art, etc. to implement a multi-faceted intelligence development according to different potentials and interests of each infant.


Our Kindergarten owns advanced educational hardware establishment - Large-scale game machines are available at the Kindergarten , Music tutorship classroom rich in modern feeling

Science lab and art design studio to satisfy children's curiosity and operation desire ; Reading rooms to lead the children into the kingdom of knowledge ; Computer rooms to guide the children into the world of information ; Large-sized outdoor entertainment and physical health facilities integrating recreation, exercises and challenges , All activity rooms and dorms are air - conditioned.


The Kindergarten enjoys a solid strength of teachers and owns a high-quality nursing and teaching team. Ms. Chen Huali, a famous principal who has once been honored with “Excellent Kindergarten Principal of Guangzhou Municipality”, “Labor Model of Guangzhou Municipality”, and other titles, is the kindergarten's supervisor and takes a comprehensive charge of teaching management. The kindergarten's principal who has rich experience in running kindergartens takes charge of routine management. Both foreign and local teachers who have teaching proficiency do the class teaching work. This faculty team composed of teachers with high educational background, high professional titles, high qualifications and career dedication and the nursery governesses with specialized knowledge and skills ensures a high-standard nursing and teaching quality of the kindergarten.

Guangzhou Pearl River Square Bei'en Kindergarten will reply upon its strict management, top-grade hardware establishment, and excellent teachers to win the trust of the parents and to strive for a good social effect. Our Kindergarten will start with love to please children at each of their life step and to enrich the children's each life experience. We will try out best to keep pace with the times and to create brilliance down-to-earth together with the children and their parents!

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Guangzhou Pearl River Square Bei'en Kindergarten


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No. 1-5, Kangyi Street, Binjiang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou Municipality

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